Before there was Avalon Rising, before there was Broceliande, there was Margaret & Kristoph, the husband and wife Celtic duo of Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover. And this is their first album, recorded in 1993, now re-mastered and available on CD!

Featuring duo and solo vocals accompanied by Celtic harp, 12-string guitar, flute, and recorder.

Includes the following songs:

1. Star of the County Down - trad. Irish
2. Brett's Trip (to Wyoming) - original by Kristoph
3. Clear Away the Morning Dew - trad. Irish
4. Planxty Irwin /Planxty Brabazon - Irish, O'Carolan
5. The Whistlin' Gypsy Rover - trad. Irish
6. Spagnoletta - Renaissance
7. The True Lover's Farewell - trad. English
8. John Barleycorn - trad. English
9. Mairi's Wedding - trad. Scottish
10. Tom and Jerry / Lumps of Plum Pudding / A Merry Christmas - trad. English
11. The Selkie - trad. Scottish
12. Carolan's Welcome - Irish, O'Carolan
13. Ruby Wine - by Cynthia McQuillin
14. Star Above the Garter / Blarney Pilgrim - trad. Irish

15. Lauda - Medieval

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