Margaret Davis Calligraphy & Design

Calligraphy and Medieval-style Illumination

wedding certificates by Margaret DavisWEDDING CERTIFICATES

Medieval calligraphy by Margaret DavisMEDIEVAL-STYLE ILLUMINATED CALLIGRAPHY

Oakland-based calligrapher and artist Margaret Davis has been creating custom calligraphy for an international clientele for 10 years. Margaret's corporate and celebrity clients have included Andrea Seabrook of NPR, San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, Malin Giddings,
the San Francisco Early Music Society, East Bay Innovations, Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine, and Psychic Reader Magazine.

"The wedding certificate Margaret Davis illuminated for us is stunning. Its twining vines, golden leaves, and budding flowers complimented the beauty of our marriage ceremony. Davis has the true gift of a natural scribe, and we will cherish this document forever."